Tuesday, November 1, 2016


// TIRED //

Today I've been so remarkably tired. I am constant half asleep. I think it's a combination of:

1. Taking care of a energetic five year old who test me all the time which creates a lot of frustration where I need to constantly keep my patience high. (Which I manage about 65 percent of the time)
2. We have gone over to winter time. That means it's completely dark, night black at 4.30pm
3. I started to eat more sweets in the evening, just to keep up with my tiredness.
4. I have so much going on in our life that I need to stay awake slightly longer in the evening. I need to sleep around 11.00pm to wake up at 6.45am which is the regular time my boys wakes up, but lately I tend to fall asleep more around midnight.
5. My new Epileptic medicine for my attacks seems to be working (knock on wood) but it comes with a lot of side affects. Constant tiredness is one of them.

Anyhow, today I took this little monster for a lunch with my dear cousin and her daughter at Sturehof and then we went in the pouring rain and harsh wind to the Naturhistoriska museet and even though Alexis was more interested at flipping on and fooling around with all computer-"ish" information screens, he tend to enjoy it. Can't wait for the day where he can concentrate enough to really indulge in all the amazing exhibition and let me explain each one of them. For now, not so much.

Hope you all had a great day.


  1. If only we could bottle the energy that Alexis has! We could take an Alexis pill and be set for the day. It sounds like he needs physical activity. Tire him out and he'll be more satisfied and calmer. This could just be a stage. Or he might eventually be an adult that has boundless energy - I've known a few. Alexis is finding himself. I'd expose him to lots of activities. He'll enjoy exploring his interests with you. That said, when my son wanted to go camping in the snow I bought him all the equipment and found a program for him. Sleeping in a tent in Winter is not something I do. I hope you are feeling better. Susan

  2. I think its better for you to stay away from the sweets,and all sugar that is.First you get a sugar high but later you willcrash.And if you are already tired eating sugars is the worst you can do.
    Ah boys and their energy levels.. Has he got friends in your street so he can play outside with them in the afternoons?

  3. Sorry but real fur is just not OK!

  4. I'd say don't be too strict to yourself now that your schedule and life in general is so demanding. Keeping all your cravings in check and controlling every bit of food that passes your lips will hardly give you peace of mind. If I needed some sweets, real furs, or the TV as a child sitter in these dark days and nights, I would just indulge myself. Nicole

  5. Hola Stina! me pasa lo mismo con mi pequeño de 4 años, pienso que no esta concentro en nada, hasta que luego de varios días me sorprende con el recuerdo de lo vivido .... saludos desde Lima Perú